Photo Credit: Brett Van Ort


The Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism is an innovative program that sits at “the crossroads of media, entertainment, technology and globalization.” How can the school’s spaces and technologies anticipate and adapt to change in these dynamic fields, in addition to fostering innovation in both the immediate and distant future?

My Role

While at DEGW, I served as project manager, lead researcher, and design strategist for the strategic assessment and campus planning phases (space programming, as well as coordinating and advising efforts to translate our work to the architects (Harley Ellis Devereaux).  


Following the strategic facilities assessment, we created the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism (ASCJ) Campus Plan to facilitate the design process by clearly documenting what ASCJ values, how the constituents work, teach and learn, and how the facilities and spaces should perform in support of them. A donation by Wallis Annenberg secured a new construction project of approximately 85,000 gross square feet. 

The information contained in the campus plan is still used by project teams to make informed decisions about how ASCJ campus facilities are planned, designed, renovated and/or constructed. 

Plan Analysis of Current (2010) Buildings

Renovation Concept: Learning Hub